Sunday, April 10, 2011

2nd Annual Outcast Salsa Competition 2011


I went to give my support to my friends from Dance Spirit today. A few of them were competing.

Benny and Tracy (although they're not really from DS anymore) got the best body movement award (I hope I got this correct). I was really entertained by their performance especially the part where Benny shook his ass. That was hilarious. Lol!

Wai Kong and Fawn was good too. I was really amazed with Wai Kong's performance. I almost wanted to cry when I saw him dance. So touching. He is soooo good already. I'm just speechless lah. I don't know what to say already.

Naz and I-Yin's routine is really really hard and tiring but it was good. I always like watching I-Yin. I like the way she moves and she's just such a hot mama. She really know how to maintain her figure even after having 2 kids. They got first runner up! Congratulations!

It was quite a fun day today. I was happy to see some of my old team mates again.

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