Saturday, April 23, 2011

我很久没用汉语写 blog。 不知道我的写法有没有问题 。 好像有些不对 。 哈哈!


今天我第 一次做糕。 我浪费my first batter. (Gosh, blogging in Chinese is so hard. And what is "batter" in Chinese?! Ah, I got it from google translator. It's 连击. I have not heard of that word before.)

我放太多牛奶。 应该要 3/4 cup 牛奶但是我放 3/4 pint 牛奶。 朋友说我喝太多啤酒。 哈哈!

Cheh Lu just corrected me that batter is 麵糊 (Taiwanese Chinese?) or 混合物. 连击 is used when there is a continuous hitting or beating which make sense because batter could be that meaning too. Ah, google translator is not always correct anyway.

Correction: 今天第一次做乳酪蛋糕。我浪費了第一份麵糊

Thanks CL!

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