Thursday, May 12, 2011

She was telling him that she doesn't date colleagues and that is her policy.

Him: Really? Luckily I didn't chase you that time.
Her: Yeah.
Him: So?
Her: So what?
Him: But we are not colleagues anymore now.
Her: Hahahaha so?
Him: So I chase you.
Her: Cannot!
Him: Why? Yo!
Her: Hahahaha you are fun and I don't want to lose you as a friend.
Him: I won't accept this reason.
Her: Wow, I didn't know you can actually won't accept a reason for such thing.
Him: Yeah, let me think. It's like programming. IF-THEN-ELSE. Haha.
Her: So what is the "if" and the "then" and the "else"?
Him: IF you are fun and I don't want to lose you as a friend, THEN I won't accept those kind of answer, ELSE I will chase you.

LOL! What the hell? That's the kind of answer you get from a programmer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A friend of mine does say the funniest thing sometimes. We were talking about her past relationship on MSN. Here is a snippet of our conversation.

"kena con"
"and it was short"
"i mean...the r'ship didnt last long lar"
"pardon the pun"


Monday, May 09, 2011

So, I was telling my cousin it's not good to steal other people's girlfriend. The reason is if a girl is easily stolen by you, in future someone else will be able to steal her from you too. Therefore, such girl is not good.

His reply was:
"It's not like that. Maybe she doesn't really love her current boyfriend. Maybe she's still keeping her option open. You are a girl should know the feeling. It doesn't mean that you go on a diet, you cannot look at the menu. You might want to eat after you are done with your diet. Correct or not?"

Geez! Seriously? I was speechless. .........

I hate it when men stares at me when I workout in the gym doing machines. I wonder what goes through their mind.

"The girl is so thin...what is she doing in the gym?"
"Holy shit! I hope she doesn't break pulling that thing."
"Omg, she's so small but she's pretty hot?" <-- I know I'm being a little full of myself here. Haha!


I told my brother about this and his reply was:

"Of course! There are only 2 reasons why men go to the gym. First is to workout, second is to ogle at women."

Got me speechless. .....

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"Do not put your life on hold because of that – live it to the fullest and enjoy this time of being on your own."

"Relax because there isn’t a choice to be made at the moment."

She was in a bit of a pickle.

"The Climb" David Sides ft. Ahmir - Miley Cyrus Cover

"Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose..."

Oh man, I'm starting to like this Ahmir. They actually did a few good covers. Will they be the next Boyz II Men? Check them out on YouTube here.


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