Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My folks are going for a long holiday in Europe. Mother has been planning a lot of stuff lately and has been telling me and reminding me where she placed her itinerary, her files and their will (just in case).

One day, my mom asked me this question:

"What if something happen, and Daddy and I pass away?"

I told her that I think my world will just stop right there. Yes, life still goes on. I will still keep on living. It's just that everything around me will seem like a blur and I am just going through the motion of life as seemingly normal but you know something terrible had happened inside me. It's like I'm still breathing and I'm doing what I'm doing (like typing on this keyboard right now) but everything around me is like spinning in a slow-mo.

Mom, Dad, please be safe and have fun at the same time too!

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