Thursday, June 02, 2011

My superstars

It's June! So, my brother and I will be buying dinner for the June babies (my old folks) this Saturday and also to celebrate Fathers' Day killing three birds with one stone.

I just walked down the memory lane and I shall re-post this.

I told my dad that my room's ceiling light is not working anymore.
I came home last night, went to my room and saw a note sticking on the switch.

He is just so adorable!


On MSN with my mom goes...

Mom: when u come home afterward, I should be out. So take care & enjoy your Genting Trip.
Me: alright mom. take care ok. i love you.
Mom: ok
Me: u didn't say u love me wan?
Mom: ok lah, I love u more than u love me

She's so funny. I love her so much!

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