Monday, August 15, 2011

4 Course Dinner for 2 @ Hadramawt Arabic Restaurant for 65% Off

I bought this dinner voucher here.

I called the restaurant to reserve a table for last Saturday, 4 pax at 8.30pm. When we got there, the guy at the counter took our vouchers. We then proceeded to the first floor. They didn't actually reserve a table for us. We just went up and picked our seat. Although the waiter was polite but I think they were quite understaffed that night. We were seated for quite a while until someone came to take our order. If it was not because of MyDeal voucher, we could have walked off already. Service was very slow. They served our main dish after 45 minutes of waiting.

For a start, we had Arabic Salad.

Arabic Salad @ Hadramawt Arabic Restaurant
Arabic Salad

You know what? I just realised that they didn't serve us the starter, Mixed Vegetable Platter as mentioned on MyDeal. Geez.

As for our main dish, we had a choice of Chicken Kabsa or Lamb Kabsa. Again, I just realised that they didn't tell us about BBQ Shish Tawab Chicken or Lamb Kebab as mentioned on MyDeal. Ugh.

Lamb Kabsa @ Hadramawt Arabic Restaurant
Lamb Kabsa

Ryan chose Chicken Kabsa for his main. Unfortunately, the chicken was cold and there was a big chunk of feather on the skin. Such a turn off. Well, I think the Lamb Kabsa was quite good actually.

As for dessert, we got Baklava. Again, we weren't told that we have a choice of Baklava or Basbousa as mentioned on MyDeal. Fail.

For drinks, I had Vimto and Ryan had Iced Lemon Tea. I don't like Vimto. It's too sweet for my taste.

Overall dining experience in Hadramawt, I'll give it a 2/5 rating.

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