Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Look

I revamped my blog!

I realised that I was way behind and I wasn't making full use of the new blogger template designer which is so much more cooler and user-friendlier. I have been using the HTML editor for way too long. I felt like one of those old people who sticks to the old ways and refuse to accept new changes and ideas. This is actually a crime for me as a software consultant because in my line of work, I have to constantly keep myself up to date with the latest versions and what's new. So, I should keep myself updated as well in my personal life.

I just love my twitter and instagram feeds on my sidebar now.

Oh, I'm no longer blogging anonymously as well. So, it's back to the way it was as before. No point hiding anyway. My blog still appears in the google search result for "Joyce Tan" even if I change it and I don't know why. Lol!

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