Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Ending

This is a happy ending post. LOL! Whatever that means.

So K came back from his 7 days training in Bangkok. As usual, we asked a lot of questions such as "did you do anything special?", "met any new people?", "did you check out this place?", etc.

K: I went for massage.
J: Got happy ending?
K: No happy ending.

So, later that day, J emailed a YouTube video below to all involved in that conversation.

L then replied, "Now I know why K said….NO HAPPY ENDING….hahahhahahahhaha…"

Now we all know why.



CL says the funniest thing sometimes.

D wrote an email: Hi guys, have a great weekend. I think we’re doing quite well as a team, synergy and all. Lets have our fingers crossed for the SAP B1 partner of the year award as well!

CL replied: Happy ending if get the year award????

D replied: Errr.....

D hopes that she DOES know what "happy ending" is. He is worried she go tell someone that and the guy gets the wrong idea.

Well, CL's reply did brighten up my day though. LOL!

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