Monday, September 05, 2011

Jarrod & Rawlins Fried Breakfast

I woke up really late one day because of excessive partying the night before during the holidays last week. I was craving for a hearty "breakfast" and so Ryan and I went to Sri Hartamas to hunt for food. We were thinking of Japanese or Korean but, by the time we got there around 2.30PM, all the restaurants were closed.

So we ended up in Jarrod & Rawlins. I think they're awesome because they serve breakfast all day long so you don't have to drag your ass out of bed early in the morning. Well, obviously I ordered their fried breakfast set.

J&R's fried breakfast consists of two eggs, one sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown, toast bread, orange juice and coffee or tea. I just love it! I always love American breakfast and now I know where to have a good one whenever I'm lazy to cook one.

Jarrod & Rawlins Fried Breakfast - RM28

Can you spot something funny in this picture?

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