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SuperStar Virgo 6D5N - Day 2 and Day 3

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Day 2 - At Sea
The ship was still on its way to Ho Chi Minh and we were stuck on the ship at high sea for the day.

We had breakfast at Bella Vista (Western). Come to think of it, we actually had our breakfast at Bella Vista everyday on the cruise. The breakfast menu for Pavilion Room (Chinese) was not very appealing to me. So, American breakfast FTW! I had cheese omelette, baked beans, chicken sausage, turkey ham, hash brown and grilled tomatoes. So yummy!

After breakfast, we walked around and explored the ship. We checked out the casino and there were a few "Learn to Play" tables. So I learned a few games namely, Texas Holdem, 3 Cards Poker (not sure if I got the name correct) and Pontoon.

After much loitering around the ship, we went for lunch at Pavilion Room (Chinese). We then proceeded to Win, Lose or Draw activity. There were 4 teams competing. Ryan and myself was a team and there were another 3 Australian couples. Well, we lost by one point. I couldn't guess what Ryan drew. :(

We also had a Progressive Trivia Challenge. They held this trivia challenge everyday until the last day of our cruise and the team with the highest accumulated score will win.........a medal. Lol! We had Pat from Australia to join our team. We did pretty well for this first challenge. We actually got the highest score this round. Ryan was pretty good at this (that's when I realize my boyfriend is actually quite smart :P baby don't kill me). He contributed a lot. Out of 20 questions, I only contributed to 1 question and that question was, "What is the number if you add up all the numbers from 1 to 100?" The answer is 5050. I know not because I'm good in mathematics. It's because back in high school, I used to play with my calculator by punching 1+2+3+4 'til 100. Lol.

After the trivia, Ryan went to the internet room to check his emails. As for me, I went for manicure at the saloon. We then chilled out at the pool bar for a bit before dinner.

We went to Pavilion Room for dinner. I think Ryan was getting bored of the place already but they don't serve the same food everyday which was still alright.

We tried our luck at the casino. I lost a little but Ryan was really lucky. He hit a minor jackpot at the Caribbean Stud Poker. He got 4 of a kind - 4 kings. Both of us became famous at the table because of that. Lol.

Next, we went for a magic show which was pretty good. We also went for the Hot Strip Off Party. It's actually a similar party that I went to the one in SuperStar Libra last year. The host for this party was a cross-dressed guy and he was really funny.

View from our balcony
The view from our balcony at night

Day 3
- Ho Chi Minh City
We had breakfast at Bella Vista and then to the round 2 of the Progressive Trivia Challenge. The trivia challenge was pretty tough this time. We only got 6 correct answers out of 20.

Arriving HCMC
On the way to HCMC port

We bought Exploration of Ho Chi Minh tour for SGD62 per person. We visited the Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Municipal Post Office, Museum of National History and Ben Thanh Market.

Reunification Palace
Reunification Palace

Notre Dame Cathedra
Notre Dame Cathedral

Post Office
Municipal Post Office

Post Office Souvenier Store
That's me at a souvenir shop in the Municipal Post Office

Ben Thanh Market was crowded but it was not as bad as Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. The prices were inflated by 50% at least. You just have to haggle haggle haggle! After all the haggling, I still feel that we got ripped off for the souvenirs we bought there.

There was this nail parlor at the market, half the size of a shop lot, and it was really packed. See picture below. I was amused.

Nail Parlor at BenThanh Market
Nail parlor at Ben Thanh Market

I had a so-called street food at the market where you sit on a little stool and hold the bowl with one hand and you eat with the other hand. The noodle I had wasn't too bad but I don't think it's worth 40,000 Dong (RM6). It was a ripoff.

Food Stall at Ben Thanh Market
The so-called street food I had at Ben Thanh Market

***All photos are photographed by Ryan Chew.

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