Sunday, September 25, 2011

SuperStar Virgo 6D5N - Day 4

Breakfast at Bella Vista
Breakfast at Bella Vista

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Day 4
Again, we were stuck on the ship at high sea for the day.

Loitering around
Loiter around

We registered ourselves for the Behind-the-Scene-Tour. The technical and backstage guys brought a small group of us to the reality on how shows are made. He briefed us on the sound and lighting, the stage, and he also brought us to the backstage area. Towards the end of the tour, one of the entertainment crew came to join us on stage and told us to stand behind her facing the back of the stage. When the song YMCA started playing, she started dancing and we had to follow her steps. The stage was revolving while we danced. Nice!

Smoke Effect at The Lido
The smoke effect

This is what you see on stage
This is what the performers see on stage. They can't see the audience at all so it's like they are dancing/performing in the studio and this will actually give them more confidence. That is why flash photography is not allowed during shows because it will distract them.

We went for the progressive trivia (round 3). It was okay but we didn't get the highest score this time but we were still leading if I'm not mistaken.

So, since we had a lot of time to kill, we had a photography session. Obviously, Ryan's the photographer and I'm the model. Some of my favorite shots below.

At Taverna, a snack bar at Deck 13

Me posing
At the sunbathing deck at Deck 13

Getting Ready For The Gala Dinner
That's me getting ready for the gala dinner

Gala Dinner at Bella Vista
We had our gala dinner at Bella Vista

Ryan with his wine
That's Ryan with his glass of wine (photographed by me)

Ballroom dance performance
There was a ballroom dance performance at the Grand Piazza

Camwhore after dinner
Us camwhoring

After our dinner, we went for a show called Gala Showtime: Reflections of Russia. The show was pretty interesting. A lot of acrobatic and stunts.

After the show, we tried our luck at the casino again thinking that we might hit another jackpot but the house was so strong that we ran away as fast as we could. LOL. We ended up having beers at Taverna and there was a live band playing. I met a few new people - 2 Australian couples and a Japanese couple. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. I actually got drunk.

Matt from Melbourne
That's Matt from Melbourne and Yuko-san dancing behind

Ryan dancing with Jill
Ryan dancing with Jill

Happy times.

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