Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Birthday @ Club Neverland KL

Never in my life I have celebrated my birthday in a club. So since this year is my last 20s, I decided to celebrate in a club. Also because someone said that I should celebrate in Old Town Kopitiam next year onwards. ... -.-

Neverland KL is a new club in town and since none of us has been there, we chose that venue.

Jess, I curi your photo. Thanks Babe!

I have to thank Jess for organizing this and Ryan for footing the bill. Also not forgetting my brother Colin, for buying a bottle as well. I really had a blast with all my friends that night.

So, 19 people turned up, 7 bottles of Chivas (thanks to Ryan and Colin), 12 shots of tequila (thanks to Sean), 1 graveyard and waterfall (thanks to Nicholas) -- Anything else? Because I don't quite remember. I don't have a clear memory of the last quarter of that night. Lol.

Thank you baby for the cake and for taking care of me

Thank you baby for the present

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