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A few weeks ago, Ryan and I went on a 6D 5N cruise on Superstar Virgo that departs from Singapore. So, we spent one night in Singapore before and after the cruise. Some highlights and lowlights of our stay in Singapore as follow:

Hard Rock Hotel, Singapore (Sentosa Island)
We stayed here for one night before the cruise. We bought a 2D 1N package for MYR1300 that includes:
  • One night stay in Hard Rock Hotel
  • Breakfast for two
  • Two one-day adult passes to Universal Studios Singapore
  • Complimentary welcome drinks for two
I don't know why we were given a smoking room but I guess maybe that's because I did not specifically request for a non-smoking room. Note to self - always remember to request for a non-smoking room. What happened was, the moment we opened our room door, we were greeted with a very strong smell of cigarette. I felt like we walked into an ashtray. The air in the room was very stale. The worst part was that there's no window in the room. So we couldn't really let fresh air in.

I was so tired that night but I couldn't sleep well. I kept waking up because of our noisy neighbour. They must be a bunch of college kids playing cards and drinking in the room and they laughed so loud on and off it drove me crazy. The hotel room wall must be really thin. Nevertheless, the furnishings and the layout of the room is quite tasteful. The only thing is they should provide a rack for the guests to place their shampoo, body shower and etc in the shower.

HR Room
Our smelly room

Ashtray Bokeh
A bokeh picture I took with Ryan's camera

Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa
We met up with Denny and Stephanie in Tanjung Beach Club. Tanjong Beach Club is a bar and cafe located along Tanjong Beach in Sentosa Island. It's supposed to be a nice place from all the pictures of the bar I googled but the weather was horrible that day. It was drizzling. I hate going to a beach bar in that kind of weather.

Catching up with Denny and Stephanie was good. The last time we met was during our Beijing reunion in Bali in December 2010.

Denny & Stephanie
With Denny & Stephanie

Universal Studios Singapore
We went to USS the next day. We had a full-day pass but we had to check-in to our cruise by 4pm. So we left at 2pm. Well, USS was fun! We reconnected with our inner child in there.

Universal Studio
(Picture taken with my iPhone)

I'm going to far far away

That's my castle
(Picture taken with my iPhone)

And I found my Shrek

Ooooh roller coasters!
(Picture taken with my iPhone)

We went shopping at this new mall called Ion in Orchard. We weren't aimlessly shopping though. My mission was to go to Muji Store and knocked myself out. When is Muji coming to KL?! Can't believe they have it in Indonesia and Singapore but not KL. Grrr!

Also, went to Isetan next to Takashimaya to get Fancl products for Jess. I bought myself something nice too. Sweet!

We wanted to check out H&M but OH MY LORD...the QUEUE was so long we dropped that idea. But really...SERIOUSLY? People actually queue like that for H&M? Hehehe.

Sands SkyPark @ Marina Bay Sands
The reason we were here because we haven't been here before and Ryan wanted to take pictures. Ku De Ta Singapore is located here. I still prefer the Ku De Ta in Bali. Oh, just thinking about it made me want to go back to Bali. I think Bali is the place I really don't mind visiting again and again.

SkyPark Marina Bay Sands
The view from Sands SkyPark

Hooters @ Clarke Quay
I actually like the food here. Can't remember what we had for our main but the following is the appetizers:

Hooters Fresh Oyster
Fresh oysters

Hooters Snow Crab Legs
Snow crab legs

Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay

V Hotel Lavender, Singapore
This is the hotel we stayed for one night after our cruise. Apart from the hotel conveniently located directly above Lavender MRT Station, everything else was bad. I had a very bad night here.

First of all, the room is small but that's okay as we only needed a place to sleep for one night. The shower drain wasn't draining water fast enough and that flooded the dry area of the toilet. The AC was blowing out warm air instead of cool air. After complaining, a technician came to our room to adjust the temperature. He set the temperature to the lowest but only a very slight improvement. I couldn't sleep well throughout the night because I was sweating and the room was stuffy. So, no more V Hotel Lavender for me.

***All photos are photographed by Ryan Chew unless stated otherwise.

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