Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bugger at the ATM

I was at the ATM machine and someone was queuing behind me really close like 2 feet or less away. That made me feel really uneasy like someone's trying to invade my privacy or breathing down my neck or something. Shouldn't you give more space to the person taking out money in front of you at the ATM? Grrrrr. I turned and looked who was behind me hoping that he would get the message but NOOOOO. Sigh! Some people...

So anyway, after I got my receipt from the ATM, of course I had to take a quick peek at the receipt before I leave. As I was about to leave, suddenly this bugger behind me called out "excuse me" in a very rude tone. I was surprised with his "excuse me" and then I shot him a dirty look and said "wait a while lah". Stared kau at him and walked off. He looked a little embarrassed. Lol! Hmph! Don't think you can bully me because I'm mini.

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