Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Kind of Man

I like my man who is really DIY. Someone who fix stuffs at home. I just find that very sexy and it's a big plus point for him. Seriously.

I guess that's because I'm a daddy's little girl. Huh? Why? Well, people say that daddy's little girls will usually find partners who are like their daddies. They unconsciously look for their dad's qualities in the men they meet. I think that theory is true. You see, my dad is a very DIY kind of man. He fixes literally everything in the house! I'm not kidding.

So Ryan came with me to the new house to check out my walk-in closet today. I guess he didn't expect to do any work but he ended up fixing and putting up some wall racks in my toilet for me. Oh, so much drilling! Since he started with my toilet, he ended up fixing the racks for the other toilets as well. My parent's toilet was the hardest to drill because they got those hard wall tiles. I guess he must be cursing inside and thought to himself that he shouldn't have come in the first place. Lol!

I can see that my mom is very please with him and so is my dad. My mom told me that while Ryan was drilling in my toilet upstairs, my dad went down to the kitchen and told my mom, "this is what I call a boyfriend lah!"

LOL! The things my dad says can be really funny sometimes.

Well, I knew all along that Ryan is a DIY person. I've just never really seen him in action before until tonight. That's just so sexy! Haha!

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