Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiesto Live @ Heneiken Thirst, Sepang International Circuit

I went to this sold out #heneiken #thirst2011 event featuring #Tiesto last weekend. It was AWESOME! The fun started at Jess's house all the way to the event.

- Alvin came to my place
- Ryan then drove us to Jess's house in Kota Kemuning
- Sean arrived shortly after
- Jess took us to a restaurant nearby (cheap and tasty)
- Went back to Jess's place
- Did her makeup and damn proud of my work
- Started drinking and singing at her karaoke room
- Nicholas arrived at 10pm
- Drank quite a bit
- Packed more beers in a cooler box and took it with us in the Vellfire to Sepang
- The journey on the way was AWESOME
- Parked somewhere really far
- Walked quite a distance but it didn't feel that far probably because I was having fun
- Met up with the rest of us
- We went in
- I bumped into my brother's bestfriend Daniel Yap
- We proceeded to follow Poh Seng to the front, squeezing and pushing through the crowd. It was horrible. It was packed like sardine.
- Suddenly Nicholas said that we're gonna stand there in the middle of the crowd. I couldn't take it so I told him we are gonna go back to the open area by the corner.
- Pushed our way to the open area.
- Found a nice spot to sit, chill and party.
- It was great and I really felt like 22 again! LOL

To be honest, I've been to Tiesto's gig twice before this and I never really like his music. Trance is really not my cup of tea. I'm more into house music or something funky. However, Tiesto was different that night. The music was really good. I like!

Ryan made a phodeo below:

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