Thursday, January 26, 2012

Foster the People @ KL Convention Centre

Foster the People performed in KL on the 13th January 2012.

We bought tickets to Foster the People on the first day it went on sale. Ryan told me that the guy at the counter didn't even know that they're coming. Lol.

Nicholas totally forgot about it and thought that his ticket should be burned but I managed to sell off his ticket on the day itself on twitter via @FongFeiKei.

By the way, is a great channel to look for/sell your tickets at the last minute and sometimes at a cheaper price. I remember Edmund told me that he couldn't get ticket for Tiesto last year.

He texted me, "Joyce the ticket all sold out :("

So I replied, "You really want to go? I see if I can find one for you or not. Check"

Lol! He replied cursing me thinking that I was pulling his leg. Anyway, he managed to get his ticket at a cheaper price via @FongFeiKei on twitter. How nice!

I know I'm digressing.

So, Lu was late that day and we all waited for her. We were the last one to get into the hall. Obviously, the front portion of the hall was filled and we were left standing behind. We could opt to watch the big screen at the back or stretched out to catch a glimpse of them on stage.

Foster the People

After a few songs, the girls and myself got tired of standing and stretching so we went to the back and sat at the open space to watch the big screen instead.

Here is a video snippet of FTP performing Helena Beat I recorded on my iPhone. I should have recorded it on a landscape mode.

By the way, I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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