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Tokyo Trip: Day 4 - Tsukiji Market, Odaiba, Ginza and Roponggi Hill

It was raining and cold and windy the whole day. We arrived Tsukiji Market at around 10am. No, we didn't wake up early to watch the tuna auction. If we really wanted to watch the tuna auction, we had to be there by 5:20am. It's really okay to miss it. There are a lot of videos on the tuna auction on YouTube that I can watch lol.

We had sushi for breakfast at the market. We didn't explore further into the market though because of the rain. The market was wet and smelly. I sort of regretted after seeing Daphne's pictures. She went the day before us and she told us how interesting the market was. We wanted to visit the market again but we only had Sunday free. The market doesn't open on Wednesdays and Sundays. Oh well, next time then. I'll be back!

The sushi and sashimi restaurants in Tsukiji market

We had to order from the sushi chef. It was tough because he couldn't speak English. So he pointed at the pictures pasted on the wall behind him - Set A, B and C. There was another picture next to Set C but it wasn't named. Anyway, I told him I wanted Set D and the customers sitting next to us laughed so hard. He got my order right anyway. Lol.

Our breakfast - JPY2800.50 per set

We bought two umbrellas for JPY300 each and then we head to Odaiba. Odaiba is actually a man made island located at the southeast of central Tokyo. It's a huge amusement zone where you can enjoy shopping, delicious food, entertainment and a view of Tokyo Bay all at once.

The reason we went to Odaiba was because of the outlet stores at VenusFort. So we took the subway headed to Tokyo Teleport Station. Sadly, we didn't find anything we can buy in VenusFort.


This 115 meter tall ferris wheel is one of the world's largest and offers nice views of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba below

Toyota Mega Web - Giant Toyota showroom that shows off all of Toyota's latest models, car accessories and technologies and that's Jess taking the Prius eco-drive challenge

View of Odaiba from the Ferris Wheel
That building with holes is Fuji TV Headquarters

We could have explore Odaiba more but because of the crappy weather, we head to Ginza instead. So, we took the subway to Ginza-itchome Station. At this station, we passed by this Japanese curry rice restaurant and the smell was very inviting. It was 2:25pm, so there we went to have our late lunch.

Japanese Curry

We walked around Ginza, bought some stuff. We went to a few shops such as Muji, LV, Miu Miu and Fancl.


We were supposed to meet up with Marina and Daphne at Roppongi at 7:30pm but by 5pm, we were really tired and our legs were gonna break anytime soon from the walking. So we headed to Roppongi first. Daphne came to meet us at Roppongi Station as well and then we headed to Roppongi Hills.

Roppongi Hills is a cultural complex consisting of 230 shops and restaurants, a multiple-theater cinema complex, residential apartments, a hotel, a TV broadcasting station, an observatory and an art museum. Because of the stupid weather, we just had to forget about exploring the complex. We went straight to a nice, warm and cozy yakitori restaurant at B2F Floor, Hollywood Plaza in Roppongi Hills. We had nice cold beer and some yaki while we wait for Marina.

Us chilling while we wait for Marina


Marina made reservations for dinner at 7:30pm at Ushio Okonomiyaki. It's northeast of Roppongi Station on Roppongi Dori. It's on the south side of the street. They have English menu with pictures.

Ushio Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki (known as Japanese pancake) batter is made of flour, eggs and shredded cabbage

Food at Ushio

After dinner, we head to Vanity Lounge for some drinks. We left around 11 something because we wanted to make it back to our hotel before our last train or else, we have to party until the wee hours until the train starts operating at 5am. We didn't want to take the cab either because it will cost us a bomb.

Vanity Lounge at Roppongi

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