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Tokyo Trip: Day 5 - Asakusa and Ueno

On day 5, it was still raining but it was lighter and it stopped around 2pm and the weather was really nice after that. We were supposed to meet Marina at Asakusa at 10am but we overslept. We woke up at 9:40am and I texted Marina straight away to tell her that we'll be late.

So we met up with Marina and her boyfriend Mitzuki at Asakusa Station around 12 noon. They took us to this famous restaurant for Tempura. I guess it's really famous because there was a long queue to get a seat in the restaurant. Anyway, Mitzuki queued up while the girls went explore around nearby.

We came across this stall selling some kind of snack. I don't remember what it's made of but it was really good.

Asakusa street snack and stall

Shortly after, Mitzuki called to tell us that he got a table so we got back to the restaurant.

Jess and myself in front of the famous Tempura restaurant in Asakusa

The menu in Japanese (top) and English (bottom)

We ordered Tendon (Tempura over rice) - JPY1500. Very yummy!

Marina and Mitzuki

After our meal, we walked and shopped around Nakamise Shopping Street. This is the place to buy souvenirs.

The iconic lantern at Nakamise Shopping Street in Asakusa

Nakamise Shopping Street
Both sides of the 250m street from the Kaminarimon Gate to the Hozomon Gate are lined with about 90 stores dating from the Edo era

We had yamasake (a tasty non-alcoholic sake) and green tea ice-cream. By the way, it's JPY300 for one ice-cream.

Spotted a Geisha along the way
That is Tokyo Sky Tree in the background, the tallest tower in the world which was recently completed. Too bad it wasn't open to the public yet when we were there.

Sensoji Temple
The oldest temple in Tokyo is said to have been build in 628. The Grand Kaminarimon Gate with a large lantern is a landmark.

They said if you let the smoke cover your head, you'll be smarter. If you let the smoke cover any part of your body, that aching part will be okay.

Water for cleansing

In the temple. Love the details on the ceiling.

Paid 100yen, made a wish shaking the box, got a stick and got my fortune results

My fortune reading is a bad one. Not only bad but the worst. Omg. Lol.

If you get a good reading, take it with you and keep it. If you get a bad reading, fold it and tie it like a knot here.

After our visit to the temple, we took the subway to Ueno and we got there around 3:30pm. We spent all our time in Ameyayokocho. This street is crowded with stores offering clothes, miscellaneous goods, fresh fish and dried food. We bought a lot of food stuff here.


Fresh seafood and fruits at Ameyayokocho

I like this place. It's very interesting probably because I'm quite drawn to Japanese food stuff. I also like to explore their supermarkets. Maybe because I'm slowly becoming an auntie. LOL

Shortly after, our shopping bags got so heavy it was so unbearable to carry it around. Luckily, Marina took us to the lockers in the subway station nearby to store our shopping bags. We just hung around there until dinner time.

We went to this game centre and saw a horse racing betting game

Marina talking to some guy on the street holding a food menu promoting the restaurant he worked for. Apparently, there a lot of restaurants hidden either underground or above ground. So they had to hire people to walk around the streets to promote them.

We tried Pachinko again. Marina won a little (left). I won a bit at first but lost a little after. Lol! That's my winnings (right).

We randomly went to this place for dinner in Ueno.



After dinner, Marina took us to this place for Monjayaki. Monjayaki is a Kanto region specialty that is similar to Okonomiyaki, however, the dough used is much more liquid than the okonomiyaki dough. Japanese girls love this.

Before and after

Watch how Marina make monjayaki here.

Tokyo Day 5 - 25

Instructions - How to make Monjayaki

By the time we were done, it was almost 10pm. We were all dead tired that we just had to call it a night.

My shopping bags on the floor and Jess with her heavy shopping bags. Good thing we could keep them in the locker at the subway station.

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