Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My dad and his nun joke

I was doing my house chores and time seems to be going so fast. So I was telling my dad how time flies.

"Wow dad, every hour seems to be going so fast!"

"Good lah, so fast until that you're going to get married very soon. =D"

"Haha! Your dream come true right?"

"Ya. You don't have to apply to become a nun anymore."


My dad is just so funny. He's always teasing me asking me to become a nun. One day, we had this conversation when I was still single long ago and was going through a mundane period. 

"Joyce, why don't you go join the Sisters of the Poor?"

"For what? To become a nun?"

"Yeah, so you won't get so much headache."

"But I like men!"

Lol...My mom burst out laughing and she said I damn hiau.

Hiau / Heow is a Hokkien word. It means indecent or whorish in my situation above.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Love Story

I've been meaning to blog about my love story since the proposal. I just want to remember this and maybe many years down the road, this blog post will remind me of our story.

Warning: This is a long post. 100% no dramas like Romeo and Juliet stories so, this can be a little boring. =D

So, how I met Ryan? My colleague CL and I planned for a steamboat dinner at Tain Siang Hei Wei, Sunway Giza. It was a Friday night. So happened Lena (also from the same company), whom I invited few days earlier to join us but she told us that she had other plans, asked if she and her friends could join us and then we could all go out for post-dinner drinks after that. So she brought her three guy friends (one of them is Ryan) to join us for dinner.

During dinner, Ryan was very quiet. He didn't talk and joke like the other guys. I didn't think we exchanged any words at all until he sat next to me at Movida for the post-dinner drinks. Well, I broke the ice. I just felt like disturbing this quiet guy sitting next to me by getting him to drink more. That was when it all started. He started to warm up and he talked a lot more. We joked a lot and we were being silly. I definitely felt some sparks between us that night but I didn't think more of it.

When I got home that night, he texted me to check if I got home safely. A few days later or maybe about a week later, I received a text from him asking about my day and he eventually asked me for my MSN and FB. We then started to talk more online. Okay, a bit perasan but I know most girls have such instinct and they can tell if the guy is interested in her. I knew this guy was interested in me. =P

Time after time, Lena arranged for a night out, movie night and so on with CL and me and she will invite Ryan to join us as well. That was how I got to see Ryan in person more often. As time went by, we got closer and closer. I guess we knew something was going on between us but none of us said anything.

So one night, after he gave me a small gift, I just couldn't stand it and I asked him in a joking manner, "Why did you keep on giving me gifts? Are you chasing me?" He admitted in a joking manner as well and so I replied, "Bring it on!". Lol! Well, he was more daring in his pursuit after that. I got a text from him every single morning wishing me well. He still does by the way. Just not every single morning. Maybe close deal already so no need, hor? =P

So after many dates, we officially pronounced ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend on a public holiday (Wesak Day 2011). How did that happen? We went for a movie at Midvalley and then we went for a pint of beer at Library. When we left the place for dinner, we held hands and none of us let go. So that's how.

I can say that we have a healthy relationship. Everything is well-balanced. Love, career, family, etc. We are not the very clingy type of couples but that doesn't mean we don't love each other. We both have our own stuffs to do everyday but we still communicate every now and then throughout the day. Because we are usually busy on weekdays, we will usually spend our weekends together. I love how this guy has plannings and when he planned something, he'll really do it and he is very focused. He's also my kind of man. =D

I have to say that I really love this guy. I never knew love could feel this way. Wah, sound like a song lyric. Lol! I have to thank Lena for this. Without her, I don't think I will be able to meet Ryan at all. I was telling her this on MSN one day after she congratulated me on my engagement and she said, "Don't thank me's fate!".

The funny thing was she admitted that she and her hubby (one of the guys that night at the steamboat) actually planned this. They deliberately wanted to introduce us. LOL! I was like, "What the hell...bugger! When are you planning to tell me this?" and she went, "But it worked out, right?" Haha! Yes, it worked out. I still got to thank her, seriously. Thank you for introducing us, babe!

So, that's my story. It's not a very long post lah. =D

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Koh Samui

On the last weekend in April, a bunch of us went on a 4 days 3 nights trip to Koh Samui. It's always fun to go on a trip with a bunch of friends that you can have fun with but it's always hard to get everyone together because we all have our own busy schedule to keep up with. I was so glad that this time we all managed to agree on a date.

To cut cost, instead of flying straight to Koh Samui, we took the longer and cheaper route. We flew Air Asia to Surat Thani Airport (MYR512 for round trip airfare). To save the hassle of looking for transportation to Koh Samui upon arrival which was the initial plan, I arranged for an airport transfer from Surat Thani Airport to our villa in Koh Samui via Newdestination 2000. I got a private van for THB4500 per trip and an additional THB150 per person for the ferry ticket. There're eight of us. So that's approximately MYR144 per person for a round trip transfer from the airport to our villa in Koh Samui. So a few hundreds ringgit saved there! Yay!

The journey was pretty smooth. The driver from Newdestination was waiting for us at the airport holding a sign with my name on it. The only hiccup was the long immigration queue at Surat Thani Airport because there were only three immigration counters.

Koh Samui Day 1 - 1 Immigration
Long immigration queue at Surat Thani Airport

The journey from the airport to the pier took us about an hour, the ferry ride took about an hour and a half and the drive from the pier in Koh Samui to our villa took us 40 minutes. We spent 3 hours plus for the airport transfer. Yes, it was a long journey but a good experience and pretty fun too!

On the ferry to Koh Samui

We stayed at Baan Kao Hua Jook (MYR308 per person for three nights). We got two Superior Villas, so four of us in each villa. The villa is in the Chaweng area but it's quite a far walk to Chaweng Beach. Good thing the villa provides free transfer to the beach and back. The only thing I didn't like about this villa is that they didn't have ensuite bathroom in the bedroom but I could adapt. We rented 2 motorbikes from the hotel for Ryan and Sean for MYR18 per day each. They wanted to charge more but thanks to my negotiation skill, he lowered the rental for us.

Baan Kao Hua Jook

We wanted to check out the beach so the four of us (Ryan, Sean, Jess and myself) went on with our bikes and the rest on foot. We thought of picking them up on the way after the guys dropped us. We realised later that it was too far to walk and Chaweng beach road was a one way street and to get back to the villa was a one big circle which took us 20-30 minutes. I had to text Nic to tell them not to walk any further and to meet back at the villa and we should all take a cab or songthaew to Chaweng beach. The bike ride was fun though, exploring the surrounding area.

I like this picture of Sean with the bike

So we all took the Songthaew to Chaweng beach and settled for a cozy restaurant for dinner. We then continued walking along the road heading south towards Monkey Bay Bar and we chilled by the beach for a while. The music was good. We really wanted to tapau the DJ back to our villa. LOL!

Walking along Chaweng Beach road

Monkey Bay Bar

Back at the villa, we all went for a dip at the pool with all those alcohol we bought while listening to music from my iPod. Luckily I borrowed X-Mini speaker from my sister-in-law. I was pretty impressed with the sound quality that I bought one for myself when I came back.

Us chilling at our private pool

My adorable fiance before the accident

We were all so chilled that night until Ryan accidentally stepped on his glass and he was bleeding so much that the place looked like a crime scene. That really freaked me out. I was so afraid of losing him. I must thank God for the wonderful friends I have. They were all helping and supporting him throughout and Alvin managed to get the security guard to take Ryan to the hospital. Ryan's head was spinning and he was about to faint so Nic and PS carried him out of the villa. Alvin sat on the guard's bike behind Ryan to give him support and that makes three men on a motorbike. Wow! Luckily the three of them isn't that big. Later, Sean sent me to the hospital on his bike and I got to see the doctor stitched up Ryan's foot. He got 9 stitches.


The next day, I stayed in the villa with Ryan while the rest went to the beach. So I just chilled by the pool at the villa, listened to jazz, sipped cocktail and read a book. It was really nice and relaxing. The rest came back later and we all went to the big common pool to chill. It was fun too because we had the whole place to ourselves. I think we were the only tenants there.

Chilling by the pool at the villa

Jess pre-arranged dinner at Beach Republic located at Lamai Beach. Beach Republic provided free transfer from our hotel and back which was fantastic. The place was really nice. Dinner was good too but it's a little pricey. After dinner, then came the proposal which was really sweet. It was an unforgettable night. Awww! *Cry* Poor Ryan, his foot was bleeding so much that night because he walked too much.

Beach Republic

We went to Nikki Beach the next day. Nikki Beach got a very nice beach pool bar. I love that place. It's located at Lipa Noi beach which is a 40 minutes drive from our villa. I got the receptionist at our villa to arrange for a private van to take us there for RM150 to and fro. I had a great time in Nikki Beach. Jess and Nic did their water ski at the beach.

The indoor lounge area at Nikki Beach

The dining area at Nikki Beach

The outdoor pool area at Nikki Beach

That's me just chilling at Nikki Beach

For dinner, we hired the same driver to take us to Krua Bang Po Seafood Restaurant for RM150 to and fro. Krua Bang Po is a small beachfront restaurant located at Maenam Beach which took us 40 minutes to get there. I highly recommend this place. The food is really good and cheap. I must say that was the most satisfying meal I had in Koh Samui.

Krua Bang Po Address:
Moo 6, 4169 Ring Road, Bang Por, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84330

Krua Bang Po Seafood Restaurant

After dinner, we went back to the villa and packed. We all slept early because the next day, the driver picked us up at 6am to Surat Thani Airport.

The ferry back to Surat Thani

Friday, May 11, 2012

Monday, May 07, 2012

The Proposal

So he proposed in Beach Republic, Koh Samui on the 29th of April 2012. It was a sweet surprise!

The Proposal

Samui & Phuket Fireworks did a great job with the fireworks. However, the "Marry Me" sign was a flop. It wasn't fully lighted up. Couldn't blame them though. It was really windy that night.


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