Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My dad and his nun joke

I was doing my house chores and time seems to be going so fast. So I was telling my dad how time flies.

"Wow dad, every hour seems to be going so fast!"

"Good lah, so fast until that you're going to get married very soon. =D"

"Haha! Your dream come true right?"

"Ya. You don't have to apply to become a nun anymore."


My dad is just so funny. He's always teasing me asking me to become a nun. One day, we had this conversation when I was still single long ago and was going through a mundane period. 

"Joyce, why don't you go join the Sisters of the Poor?"

"For what? To become a nun?"

"Yeah, so you won't get so much headache."

"But I like men!"

Lol...My mom burst out laughing and she said I damn hiau.

Hiau / Heow is a Hokkien word. It means indecent or whorish in my situation above.

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