Monday, May 28, 2012

My Love Story

I've been meaning to blog about my love story since the proposal. I just want to remember this and maybe many years down the road, this blog post will remind me of our story.

Warning: This is a long post. 100% no dramas like Romeo and Juliet stories so, this can be a little boring. =D

So, how I met Ryan? My colleague CL and I planned for a steamboat dinner at Tain Siang Hei Wei, Sunway Giza. It was a Friday night. So happened Lena (also from the same company), whom I invited few days earlier to join us but she told us that she had other plans, asked if she and her friends could join us and then we could all go out for post-dinner drinks after that. So she brought her three guy friends (one of them is Ryan) to join us for dinner.

During dinner, Ryan was very quiet. He didn't talk and joke like the other guys. I didn't think we exchanged any words at all until he sat next to me at Movida for the post-dinner drinks. Well, I broke the ice. I just felt like disturbing this quiet guy sitting next to me by getting him to drink more. That was when it all started. He started to warm up and he talked a lot more. We joked a lot and we were being silly. I definitely felt some sparks between us that night but I didn't think more of it.

When I got home that night, he texted me to check if I got home safely. A few days later or maybe about a week later, I received a text from him asking about my day and he eventually asked me for my MSN and FB. We then started to talk more online. Okay, a bit perasan but I know most girls have such instinct and they can tell if the guy is interested in her. I knew this guy was interested in me. =P

Time after time, Lena arranged for a night out, movie night and so on with CL and me and she will invite Ryan to join us as well. That was how I got to see Ryan in person more often. As time went by, we got closer and closer. I guess we knew something was going on between us but none of us said anything.

So one night, after he gave me a small gift, I just couldn't stand it and I asked him in a joking manner, "Why did you keep on giving me gifts? Are you chasing me?" He admitted in a joking manner as well and so I replied, "Bring it on!". Lol! Well, he was more daring in his pursuit after that. I got a text from him every single morning wishing me well. He still does by the way. Just not every single morning. Maybe close deal already so no need, hor? =P

So after many dates, we officially pronounced ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend on a public holiday (Wesak Day 2011). How did that happen? We went for a movie at Midvalley and then we went for a pint of beer at Library. When we left the place for dinner, we held hands and none of us let go. So that's how.

I can say that we have a healthy relationship. Everything is well-balanced. Love, career, family, etc. We are not the very clingy type of couples but that doesn't mean we don't love each other. We both have our own stuffs to do everyday but we still communicate every now and then throughout the day. Because we are usually busy on weekdays, we will usually spend our weekends together. I love how this guy has plannings and when he planned something, he'll really do it and he is very focused. He's also my kind of man. =D

I have to say that I really love this guy. I never knew love could feel this way. Wah, sound like a song lyric. Lol! I have to thank Lena for this. Without her, I don't think I will be able to meet Ryan at all. I was telling her this on MSN one day after she congratulated me on my engagement and she said, "Don't thank me's fate!".

The funny thing was she admitted that she and her hubby (one of the guys that night at the steamboat) actually planned this. They deliberately wanted to introduce us. LOL! I was like, "What the hell...bugger! When are you planning to tell me this?" and she went, "But it worked out, right?" Haha! Yes, it worked out. I still got to thank her, seriously. Thank you for introducing us, babe!

So, that's my story. It's not a very long post lah. =D

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