Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Signing Numbers

Signing numbers can be different in other countries.

How do you sign the number ten? Usually, I will show the sign below for ten:

I went to this bar and restaurant in Beijing. The music was really loud. I had to repeat many times when the waiter took my order. I asked him the price for one shot of Tequila. He answered but I just couldn't hear him because the music was so loud. He ended up showing me the sign below:

Then only I realized he was telling me ten. Chinese character for ten is 十.

In Japan, we asked the hotel staff for directions to this hot spring. She kept telling us "H" floor or "H" level. She kept emphasizing the letter "H". We didn't get it until she showed us the sign below:

Okay, that looked more like a sign for "people" or "person" (人 in Japanese character) but that also got me thinking she must be pronouncing "eight" as "H". Japanese character for eight is 八 which is quite similar to 人. So I drew the character 8 in the air and asked her if that was what she meant and her face lit up immediately while saying "hai! hai! hai! hai!". :D

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