Sunday, December 09, 2012

Reflection on 2012

The year is drawing to a close, so it is about time to reflect on what 2012 has delivered for me.

  • I got a pretty good offer from this company in Singapore doing SAP Business One which I almost took up. Thanks to my ex-manager and especially my ex-boss who talked to me and retained me. So, for some personal reasons, I have decided to stay. I sometimes wonder what could have happened if I really did go to Singapore. Will I still be seeing Ryan? Am I gonna be the Joyce today? Like all settled down and moving on to the next chapter in life, etc. It's hard to say. Anything could happen.

  • I got a raise.

  • I was assigned on an upgrade project in Johor Bahru for 3 days 2 nights with a junior. It was a memorable trip because I got a really bad cold and fever the night before (ugh! talk about bad timing to fall sick!) but I had no choice but to go ahead. I took off at 6am and drove all the way down to JB with my nose running a marathon and feeling like zombie. I was really in bad shape but I still did a good job. Thankfully, my client the lady boss, was really kind and gave me herbal tea and medicines and it did help me a little. She's such a kind lady. She threw me an appreciation glance when she knew that I drove all the way from KL and also made sure that I was okay to drive back to KL on my last day. Oh well, I'm a soldier! I'm strong! LOL.

  • I made a tough decision to resign from my previous company to take up MDEC SAP FI Functional Training. It was something that I wanted to do long ago but I never got to do it because of all the uncertainties. I didn't regret that decision though. Thanks to Ryan who gave me his full support. I love you baby!

  • I got certified and found a job that I really wanted although it was tough and stressful. Well, I'm still learning but I think you can never stop learning if you are in this industry. We must continually sharpen our skills, or risk trailing behind the pack.

  • My maternal grandmother passed away because of cancer. It was really sad because I think she suffered and she was in so much pain. Looking at the bright side, at least she didn't have to go through the pain anymore and it wasn't for long.

  • I got engaged. Ryan proposed to me in Koh Samui and so many things happened the night before the proposal. Seeing so much blood gushing out and him saying that he was feeling dizzy made my heart stopped beating right there. I just can't describe how I felt. It was a horrible feeling.

  • Threw a birthday party for my best friend at Somerset. Gotta thank Sean for doing all the work though...Lol!

  • I've traveled quite a bit this year. I went to Tokyo, Koh Samui, road trip to Penang Island, Ho Chi Minh City and went for a Mekong Delta day trip, Hong Kong, Krabi-Phi Phi Island and this month alone I'm going to Vientiane-Vang Vieng and Macau. I'm so looking forward to it!

  • Read my reflection on 2011 here.


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