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Vientiane & Vang Vieng, Laos (Day 3)

The reason we went to Vang Vieng was because of the tubing parties. Unfortunately, somewhere in June, the government announced that they'll be banning all the riverside bars because of the too many accidents or deaths from tubing while being intoxicated. Go search for "tubing in vang vieng" on YouTube and you'll know how wild the party could get.

Anyway, that did not stop us from tubing! It was still a great experience without the parties anyway. Quiet and peaceful and I felt like I was connecting to nature. Lol! The water was cool, clean and unpolluted. Along the way, we could see that all the riverside bars were demolished.

Tube rental store

Do not wear bikinis, bathing suits, swimming trunks or be shirtless on town street

Tubing rental was 55,000 kip (approx. USD7). We also had to pay a refundable deposit of 60,000 kip (approx. USD7.50). All these include a tuk-tuk ride to the starting point of tubing.

Excited boys

Tubing in Vang Vieng

After 2 hours of tubing, we got back in town and we were hungry. So we had burgers from these roadside stalls.

Roadside stalls selling burgers and sandwiches

Oooh burgers!

Alvin's money got all wet from tubing. He had to dry them under the bedside lamp. Remember, if you plan to go for tubing or any kind of water activities, make sure you invest in a dry bag. I did and I got a good one and for cheap from Groupon before the trip.

Drying those kips

I wanted to go to the famous Blue Lagoon so we rented two motorbikes again for a total of 70,000 kip (approx USD9). Blue Lagoon is 7km west from town. The bike rental provided us map on how to get there. We were told that along the way, we will see some fake "Blue Lagoon" and we should just keep to the main road and head straight until we see the real Blue Lagoon. We had to pay a fee of 10,000 kip (approx. USD1.25) to cross the Nam Song bridge by motorbike. We also paid an entrance fee to Blue Lagoon of 10,000 kip.

Blue Lagoon is a spring fed lagoon at the bottom of a cave (Golden Cave). It's a nice place to relax, swim and play on the rope swing. The water was really cold and clean and the colour of the water was so pretty. It's like emerald or turquoise.

8 Blue Lagoon
After 7km of biking on bumpy road, here we are at the Blue Lagoon
Some pictures I took on the way back to the hotel.

What is Alvin pointing at?

Hello there!

Oooh cows!

Here we are back at Ban Sabai Bungalow. It was really cold that night.

On Day 4, we took the minivan back to Vientiane. Ryan and I was not so lucky this time. We were seated at the back and it was so bumpy I felt sick. At night, we went to the famous fountain for dinner and drinks and then we made friends with this guy who was drinking alone.

On Day 5, it was just a flight back to KL. It was a great trip. If I had more time and if I could take more leaves, I would plan it differently. I would fly to Vientiane, take a domestic flight to Luang Prabang, spend 1 night or 2 nights there, then take a minivan to Vang Vieng, spend another 1 night or 2 nights there and then take the minivan to Vientiane and explore Vientiane for the day and come back to KL the next day.

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