Friday, April 26, 2013

I've just been given a 1 week sick leave as the doctor advised me that I should not be moving around and that I should get a lot of bed rest. Oh my! It's only 2 hours now and I already feel like a prisoner. Imagine I have 1 week. Oh well, I'll just see what I can do. Since I have a lot of time to kill, imma gonna blog a bit for now.

Most of you know that I had my wedding last month. The dress I got for the dinner reception was a strapless white dress. The problem I had with the dress was that it kept dropping. My thoughts that time were if only the dress came with straps instead of strapless but the dress did have the fastening loop for bra straps. I probably had to buy my own strap.

I didn't want a plain ugly bra strap. So, I was thinking if I had those jeweled bra straps especially with Swarovski crystal, that would be perfect. I searched high and low around town but to no avail. There are a few websites from the UK and US selling them so I ended up buying one from this US website for USD35 + USD24.25 for express shipping. *faint*
This is the bra strap I'm talking about!

To those of you looking for the same thing and having a hard time looking for it locally, look no further because we have now. offers a stunning collection of adjustable detachable jeweled bra straps in Malaysia. Please be informed that it is not encrusted with Swarovski crystal. It is encrusted with clear crystal rhinestone but it is just as bling.

The website is undergoing some maintenance but you can still shop from their facebook store cart. If you're browsing from your mobile phone, you won't be able to access the facebook store cart. It is only available on a normal web browser. 

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