Sunday, August 04, 2013

Da Nang, Vietnam

When AirAsia announced that they are stopping flights to Da Nang, Vietnam, from June onwards, I decided to round up my closest friends to go for a short 3 days 2 nights trip to Da Nang.

I made the right decision to stay at a really nice 2-bedroom pool villa because there is really nothing to do or see in Da Nang alone honestly. It was very quiet. All we did was eat, chill, gamble in the casino and sleep.

We stayed at The Ocean Villas and it cost us MYR1,651.12 for 2 nights for 4 person. It's really cheap. As for transportation from the hotel to other places nearby, taxi is the only mode of transport. The hotel is a 20 minutes drive from the airport and it cost us VND 350K (approx. MYR55).

Our villa surroundings
Sun, sand, green grass, beach, sea breeze

Our late lunch at the villa's restaurant

Chilling at our own pool
I must say that the night sky was really beautiful. So starry and I actually saw a shooting star!

Club 99 is located at Furama Resort Danang. It is a small casino. They provide free transportation from the hotel to the casino. No, I didn't win money that night. No luck! :(

We walked out to a restaurant for late dinner nearby Furama Resort Danang. Food was good and it wasn't expensive at all! I remember there's an English name for that restaurant but I just can't recall the name right now. All I got is their receipt and it says Restaurant Dong Duong 2. I'm pretty sure that is not the name on their signboard.

Dinner at "Restaurant Dong Duong 2"

Our dinner - VND651K (Approx. MYR99)

The next day we went to Hoi An Ancient Town. Hoi An Ancient Town is listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage site. Its architecture is of traditional Vietnamese design, with Chinese and Japanese influences. The town actually look and feel like Malacca. :D

Around Hoi An Ancient Town

Japanes Bridge
The Japanese Bridge is Hoi An’s signature landmark used widely as an emblem of the town. It was built by Japanese merchants in the 16the century.

Around Hoi An Ancient Town

We also went to My Khe Beach for seafood. My Khe Beach (aka China Beach) is a tourist spot in Da Nang. We didn't see much tourist when we were there though.

We went to this famous seafood restaurant called Thanh Hien.

Seafood lunch - VND865K (Approx. MYR132 with fried rice)

My Khe Beach (aka Danang Beach)

On our last night, the three of them finished the vodka they bought from the airport and everyone was being silly.

The pregnant woman took this picture of the three drunkards being silly :D

This trip only cost us MYR1500-ish per person. I think it's alright for a weekend getaway.

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