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Jakarta Culinary Trip and Denny & Steph's Wedding

In August, Ryan and I went to Jakarta for Denny and Steph's wedding. It was exciting for me because it was also the Beijing crew reunion. Martono was a great host to all of us during our stay there in Jakarta. He gave us his driver and his car to travel around while he's busy at work.

Ryan and I arrived a day earlier than the rest. Well, the initial plan was to go for golf with Martono but the plan was cancelled after I got pregnant. Since the air ticket was bought much earlier, we just went a day earlier anyway.

As there's really nothing much to do in Jakarta, I made this a culinary trip instead. So fortunate that I have Martono, a local, to take us around Jakarta to eat (when he's not working).

Martono's driver taking us from the airport to a restaurant where Martono will meet us for lunch

Our first meal at R.M. Baji Pamai somehwere in Teluk Kelapa Gading

We stayed at Hotel Pullman Thamrin. The room was small for the price that we paid but tastefully furnished.

Marina from Japan, arrived very early in the morning the next day.

I met up with her at our hotel lobby and we walked to Plaza Indonesia which is just right opposite of the hotel for breakfast.

Marina and I

Hamburg and rice omelette at Ten Ten

We shopped a bit at the supermarket in Plaza Indonesia. Marina bought some Indomie, coffee beans, etc.

Around noon, Martono picked us up for lunch at Sate Khas Senayan in Kebon Sirih. Oooh, the food was good.

The food we ordered at Sate Khas Senayan in Kebon Sirih
Sup Buntut, Mixed Satay and Durian Cendol

Martono likes to tease me like how Malaysia is always stealing Indonesia's food. So I teased him that this Satay is Malaysian food so is the Cendol and the Sup Buntut. Marina then pointed at the satay and told us that it's Japanese and it's called yakitori. Martono was like, "Fine...say whatever you guys want." LOL!

With Marina and Martono

For dinner, we went to Pondok Laguna in Batu Ceper. It's a famous restaurant in Jakarta with the locals. Robert arrived in the evening and the driver drove him there to meet us for dinner.

The food we ordered at Pondok Laguna

After dinner, we all went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel (where Robert was staying) to meet up with Denny and Stephanie for a quick drink. Mike arrived later in the evening and the driver drove him there to meet us. Now, we're complete. :D

The Beijing crew reunion in Jakarta - It's amazing how we all flew in from different parts of the world and we all talked and joked as if we've never been apart

Martono then took us to Skye Bar. Located in the heart of the city, on the 56th floor rooftop of BCA Tower - Grand Indonesia, Thamrin.

Us at Skye Bar with the view of Jakarta behind us

The next morning, Martono took us out for breakfast at Pinangsari.

Breakfast at Pinangsari

We went to Denny and Steph's traditional wedding blessing ceremony in the afternoon. This wedding event was of Aceh and Batak ethnic groups as Denny is half Acehnese and half Bataknese.

Denny and Steph

The dinner reception was a standing party. Apparently, I was told that standing party wedding dinner reception is a norm in Jakarta where the guests are all free to roam and mingle around.

Marina in her Kimono and I all dolled up for the dinner reception

My darling husband and I

The party

Marina and the flower she got from the bouquet tossing session

Me, Mike and Marina

All of us - Last kopek before we say our goodbyes again :(

It was a memorable trip that I treasured so much. Our next reunion will probably be in Japan if Marina is inviting us to her wedding. I'm looking forward to it already. Lol!

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