Monday, November 17, 2014

Europe Trip Day 4 - Brugge

Day 4
We took the train from Antwerpen Centraal Station to Brugge. Michael and Anne drove 5 hours from Germany to join us in Brugge for the weekend. So, we met at Brugge station and started our day from there.

Brugge is the largest city of the West Flanders in Belgium. It's beautiful like a fantasy world. Something like Disney. Lol. I love its medieval streets, winding canals and green ramparts.

We actually walked from Station Brugge all the way to Grote Markt

I had Flemish Beef Stew which was really good. I shall learn how to make this. Ryan went to one of the many chocolate shop and bought us some Belgian chocolate. I must admit that they are really good. As for the waffles, it wasn't the best I had. In fact, the best waffle I had was in Tokyo. We probably went to the wrong shop for waffle.

Flemish Beef Stew and a glass of Duvel

Michael then drove us to the beach-y side of Brugge. On the way, we dropped by Carrefour to get some bottles of mineral water and as usual, the supermarket was a happy place for me. I always love angmoh supermarket. Lol.

After the beach, we drove back to Antwerp and we had a nice dinner and drinks with Michael and Anne at a nice restaurant and bar.

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