Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bad News

It started during dinner last night. I felt something flowing out and I thought is was just some discharge. When I went to use the toilet, I see blood on my liner. I knew I had to get it checked.

So we rushed back from Seremban to Pantai Bangsar's emergency. The medical officer did some initial q&a and asked me a few questions. Then he called my gynae and my gynae advised him to give me a jab and if I am still bleeding I should go back again. My gynae's clinic will be open on Monday and I was asked to visit him on Monday for a scan. 

I was so happy. I thought everything would be okay after the jab. I was wrong. I woke up this morning and found that I'm bleeding even more. Some slight cramp as well. I panicked. Called my mum and told her that I will be sending Adele over.

After we dropped Adele at my mum's, we went to the emergency again. So disappointed that my gynae didn't bother to come to check. He told the medical officer to give me Duphaston (some hormone pill) and to come back tomorrow for a scan. I decided to go to any women specialist clinic out there and I found one that is open on Sunday in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

After 2 hours of waiting anxiously, we finally got to see the doctor for a scan. And that was when he told me the bad news. There is no heartbeat and the embryo is supposed to be bigger based on the date given to him. Looks like it stopped growing for 2 weeks already. It's a miscarriage. 

I have 2 options now. 

1) To wait and have it out naturally
2) Suction currettage

Just did some reading and I thought I should paste the link here for reference:

How am I feeling? I was sad of course. I cried. That was it. It happens. I'm alright now. :)


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