Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I'm pregnant!

It's time for some updates and an announcement to make.

I'm pregnant again. After the last miscarriage, I took longer to announce this time. I became a little superstitious. Only family and a few close friends know about my pregnancy.

Gosh! This pregnancy is the TOUGHEST. I'm not having morning sickness. I'm having ALL-DAY sickness. I constantly feel like puking and I puked a few times a day. I have no appetite for anything. I can even feel like puking by going through food blogs looking at their supposedly delicious-looking food pictures. On weekends, I gagged myself through cooking Adele's meals that I wish the husband can actually do the cooking instead. I'm fortunate enough to have my mummy to help me during these tough times with Adele and her meals. 

Now I truly understand what pregnancy blues are all about. It feels really lonely because no one really understand.

My belly is actually showing already. It's very much sooner as compared to my first pregnancy. Probably because the muscles are loosen now.

My doctor told me not to take any Chinese herbs especially ginseng but he said chicken essence is fine. So, my mummy had been boiling chicken essence for me. This really help my fatigue and I noticed that I'm not so pale anymore.

I actually had bleeding in between week 6 and week 7. When I saw the blood, I thought I was going to miscarry again. I was so emotional that morning. I rushed myself to the hospital but I couldn't really rush because it was a Monday morning and I got stuck in the usual morning traffic. I prayed and cried so much in the car on my way there. Thank God, the baby's alright. Beating heart and growing on par. I was ordered to bed rest for a week. The doctor wanted to give me another week off but I told him I had to go to work. Lol!


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